Your Website Needs To Sell Benefits, Not Features

As a business person it astounds me how many websites are obviously designed and built by developers or web-designers, or in many small to medium sized business cases, the business owner. 

“Isn’t that who is meant to build them?” you ask.

Not really. And let me explain why.

We are now in a period of internet consumers who are ready to swipe or click away if they don’t see what they need in seconds. Maybe it’s short-attention span, or maybe its because they have so much choice these days that if they don’t see a benefit, in seconds, they’re gone.

Gone are the days of websites with menus of menus, linking to pages of information and content. Reams of content that they expect the visitor will put aside a few minutes to read.

Many many businesses are still guilty of selling the features of their business in the opening page of their website. 

“Isn’t that what they’re meant to do?” you ask.

Not really. Stick with me and you’ll see why.

Put yourself in the seat of an internet consumer. You’re looking for someone to satisfy your needs, or solve your problem. It’s all about you. So you find a website that might have what you need and when you get there they open up telling you what they have and what they do. They tell you about them.

But deep down in your self-centred psyche (we all have one) you really don’t care about them, you are trying to satisfy your need. You are searching for a solution and benefit to you (at someone else’s cost no doubt).