5 Must-Do Marketing Trends To Engage Your Audience

As a small business owner, entrepreneur, even as a professional content marketer, or anyone else who needs to target an audience, you’ll know that your marketing efforts are heavily reliant on social media to deliver your message your audience.

Your marketing efforts need to focus in and around the social media dominated world – ignore it, or even drop the ball temporarily, and you will be back to square one.

Getting your message out to your existing followers is not all that difficult – what is challenging is continually getting new followers who you can then get your message out to.

If you have the right tips and tricks and software, you’ll be able to find and refine your target audience, and engage them on a personal level.

Here are 5 Marketing Trends to help you engage your audience on a more personal level, and being able to shout above the ‘noise’ of social media.


Think of your own social news-feed: What do you engage with more – Words, an Image, or a Video?

Social feeds are becoming more crowded, with viewers attention spans becoming shorter and shorter. How far do you scroll through a feed? Do you open an engaging post or just conclude the content from the headline?

I love diving into the comments of an active post even before I read the whole story, just to see how many of those commentators have actually read it, or are just passing judgement based on the sensational headline. Usually the greater majority is commenting on something they have little or knowledge about, and have been steered toward via a standout headline.