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Value Ladders & Sales Funnels: What they are and how they work. (Oh, and why you must have them).

October 31, 2019

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Value Ladders & Sales Funnels: What they are and how they work. (Oh, and why you must have them).

October 31, 2019

Whether you’re advertising on Facebook or Google Adwords, the two biggies in social media and search engine marketing, there are a lot of components to get right before you will see a return on your advertising investment.


You need to “get your ducks in a row”: Marketing strategy in place, Determine your audience, Keywords to target that audience, Create engaging content, and Remarketing in place at the very least. Problem is, every time you think your ducks are in a row, one goes and waddles off in a different direction and you don’t get the return you were expecting.


Maybe you just need a tweak of your headline or to change some content or even adjust your audience targeting. That’s all part of the test and retest process – tweak it till it works. But that’s not enough to drag in the masses and convert them to your product.


Maybe you’re not spending enough to reach enough people. To preach to a bigger congregation, you need a bigger church, and a better microphone. But that takes money.


Often, you’re just not spending enough to acquire a bigger audience. But you can’t just jack up your price to cover the extra advertising you need to reach more people. No one will pay that much. You know the value of your product and what people will pay for it.


So how do you get more dollars from your sale, to put into your marketing, to reach and convert more people?



It’s usually not a traffic or conversion problem. You’ll probably find that your audience targeting and your content are fine. It’s a Funnel issue. You need to entice the same traffic up a Value Ladder, and into a Sales Funnel, to increase your sales from the same target audience.




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