Social Marketing is Changing

social media marketing

There once was a time, long, long ago in the distant past of social media – last year - when brands used social media to spread their message: Post, analyse likes and shares, and post again.

Their target audience read their post, and if they felt connected, they’d leave a comment, not expecting, nor receiving a response.

Fast-track to the present, and consumer expectations have changed due to new social tools and platforms, the overwhelming stream of consumable data being offered up, and the consumers’ evolving consumption habits.

Consumption has evolved and the consumer is now not solely relying on social media as an information channel, but a forum to engage back to the brand.

As a result, social media marketing must mature and evolve with it.

We are seeing some major shifts in many organisations, realising that a customer-centric mentality across every touch point is becoming the standard. Unfortunately, in many other organisations, we’re not seeing that realisation.

Many brands still use social media to ‘talk’ to their customers, but don’t ‘engage’ them by listening to what they have to say. This represents a monstrous missed opportunity for the majority of brands as social media is the perfect platform for a two-way conversation.

I remember back in 2013 when I was working with a US Business Intelligence company, and we were using really powerful listening tools (Radian6 and Visible Technologies) to disseminate target audience digital intelligence. We then analysed this trove of digital and social conversation and used it to build actionable insights for marketing teams to ‘talk’ to their audience in the language that that they themselves were talking.

Listening should be two-way; a conversation. Using the big platforms uncovers an audience generated conversation: audience talks, marketer listens, analyses, and responds in the audience language. That’s high level strategic engagement.