The Number One Way To Get Google's Attention

Get the attention of Google

There are still many businesses that do not have a blog, or some form of editable article format that can be referenced to in their marketing.


Either they think it’s too hard to come up with articles, or they didn’t plan for blog functionality when they built their website.

If you want help with your marketing YOU MUST BE BLOGGING! The benefit of having a blog when you build a website or funnel is so you can continually add new content to it.

Let’s look at it like this: You have a product or service and are trying to attract new customers. You have a few options to get in front of them.

  • If you have an email list, you can email them and tell them how wonderful your product/service is and give them a link to visit it. Question: How many times are they going to be interested in receiving this before they get bored?

  • You can post or advertise a message about your product/service, maybe using an engaging image and hope that it gets seen, let alone shared. Challenge: It needs to be unique and seriously engaging to get the viewer to click through.

  • OR you can copy the link from your recently written article and post it to a relevant audience – by email, organic social post, or targeted social advertising. Result: They click the article snippet, or ‘read more’ link, and are taken directly to your website.

Recently I published an article about the 9 Key Components To Attract New Customers Through Great Content. It received over 900 views on my blog in two days. That article discussed how you can create great content easily.

However, below I focus on the component of Blogging and why it is such a critical part of your marketing. The following 5 elements of blogging are the ingredients of good blog/article content and as a result can engage your audience organically (without cost).