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Written & Made by Rogan Carroll

Charli and her friends are Millennials, born in the 90’s. They are all about The Now, Socializing and Technology. They struggle with relationships in their busy “me” worlds. This group of friends add comical banter to daily happenings.

More ACTs in EPisode 1







Opportunity for Product Placement within a Sitcom Webisode Series. Use of the sitcom for company/product promotional purpose. Viral potential.


Rogan Carroll is a career creative marketer who has been writing ‘content’ for all audiences, ages, genres and products over the years.

I am a husband and a parent to a 21 years young man and a 18 years old young woman.


Those born between 1981 and 1996 are Millennials and will have been affected by the economic downturn in numerous ways: some would have had their early careers impacted, while others would have had their education influenced by it.

Millennials are identified as "digital natives". Technology plays a factor in the dividing lines between generations. The oldest “Post-Millennial” members, 1997+, would have been 10 when the iPhone was introduced, whereas many Millennials will still have memories of landlines, touch-tones, and rotary phones. As technology plays a more encompassing role in our lives, these societal developments are seen as a big enough distinction to draw generational lines through.

Video content has become synonymous with entertainment and Millennials can’t get enough – watching TV is their top entertainment activity, regularly binging, and spending more time watching (on any device) than before. The biggest bingers are Millennials (72%) presenting an immersive opportunity for product inclusion.

The power of social media is most pronounced among Millennials, identified as influential for 52% of them. Among Millennials the influence of social media advertising is almost on par with TV advertising.

Average daily TV Viewing time (Broadcast, Streaming, and VOD) amongst Millennials is 3 hours.

Opportunity for Product Placement –Millennials will skip an ad playing before a video (77%), and half (50%) will abandon a short video completely if they cannot skip the pre-roll ad. One third (31%) use ad blocking technology to avoid ads altogether.


Written by Rogan Carroll
P: 0447 263 913


Charli is trying to write the next big hit song or become the next discovered actress. She spends a lot of time in the local coffee shop and in her 1 bedroom apartment with friends Tom and Max.

Max is never short of a girlfriend, Tom doesn’t have much interest in girls, and whilst Charli would love a boyfriend she doesn't have one as we enter her life. In episode three she meets the hunky neighbour who piques an instant spark.

Conversation is always situational banter between the three friends weaving the story through the episode.

Episode One, “The Flyer”, introduces the characters whilst a story develops from a $20 note that Charli found on the street, which later turns out to be a promotional flyer for a dry-cleaner, to Tom using the flyer to launder his favourite shirt which he dribbled Indian food down during one of their Take-Out dinner sessions.

In Episode Two, “Sentences With Friends”, Tom is developing a new Game APP where you finish other people’s sentences. Max meets a girl in the Coffee Shop who is an Instagram Model and through the episode she, Katy, sets him up to increase his following and become an Influencer. All of the characters in this episode finish each other’s sentences throughout their comical banter.

Binge Watching is a serious pastime with most generations, not just Millennials. In Episode Three Charli is finally watching Game Of Thrones – all seasons and episodes – leaving a trail of food and snacks on and around the couch. Tom joins Charli for her second binge session. Max and his new girlfriend Katy go for a binge-watching session at the Movie Theatre. Charli’s dreamy hot neighbour Ron, a Game Of Thrones fan, is introduced at the end of this episode.

Episode four is called “The Noisy Breakfast”. The coffee shop runs a campaign serving all-day breakfast as Charli’s 'Misophonia' develops (Fear of loud chewing, chomping, slurping and gurgling) as Tom embraces the campaign.

“Follow the Instructions” is Episode Five. This episodes follows our friends days and all of the instructions they may encounter within their days – Dishwasher stacking, driving a roundabout (traffic circle), pedestrian crossing (crosswalk), parenting and even praying.

Many more episodes are in progress. First 3 Episode can be read at

Locations/sets are few and simple so film costs are minimal. A core cast of 3 plus regular appearances minimise actor costs.

Whilst the Subject Audience is Millennials (born 80's 90's), the Subject Content is relevant and topical to a far broader viewer audience.


CHARLI is a would be actor and musician. She is smart, funny and musically talented.


She lives alone in a one bedroom apartment and is a regular at the local coffee shop. She loves guys but struggles to find a boyfriend.

She is always catching up with her friends Max and Tom in the coffee shop or her apartment. Together funny situations develop around situational topics.

TOM (Maybe not his birth name) is an Indian Aussie. He is intelligent but lacks common sense. Tom is always on his phone, gaming or developing something. He works remotely as an APP designer and is a tech guru on the side.

MAX is handsome and fit. He goes to the gym regularly and is always interested in the next meal. He never has a shortage of girls and is very close to his helicopter-mum. He's still at University/College, doing an Arts degree and not the sharpest pencil in the pack.


KATY is Max's latest girlfriend. She is Hot, tall, dark haired, and has beautiful eyes. She's an Instagram Model.

They are all in their mid to late twenties, starting on the ladder of life.

Other characters are introduced throughout the series.


Cafe Owner. Casual, calm, cool.


Charli’s neighbour. Dreamy hot. Single. (Episode3)

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