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Pricing of Our Services

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Can I do what Typiphy does, strategically and aesthetically?

  • Do I have the time to do it?

  • Can I make money while it is being done?

I would think the answers were No, No and Yes.

So you'd like us to work our marketing magic on your business product or service?



Set Up Your Google Presence | Facebook Targeting | Google Adwords 

Set Up Your Google Footprint


Setting up Google properly is extremely important for your business:

Your customers need to find you and just as importantly, Google needs to find you.

  • Setup Google MyBusiness - Verify

  • Setup Google Maps - Rank & Verify

  • Setup Google Domain Verification

  • Add your website to Google Search

  • Index your website on Google 

Not many businesses know the value of setting up their Google Footprint.


:: It raises your exposure on Google instantly.

:: It helps with your SEO.

:: Local prospects can find you quickly.

:: Your website gets ranked better.


It's a Specialty Service that is not done by many.


If you'd like to improve your Google rankings and be found by your local community, purchase this once-off service.

Facebook Targeting


  • 1 Month Facebook Campaign (3 month contract)

  • Create a FREE VIDEO to use in posting

  • Full marketing message creative for ads

  • 2 Visual Ads per week for 1 month

  • Desktop / Mobile and Instagram Ads

  • Demographic targeting

  • Access to Facebook Reporting

  • Price excludes GST and Facebook Ad Charges

  • Facebook charges are set at a level comfortable to your budget (Starting at $5 per day)

Google Adwords Targeted  Campaign


  • 1 Month Adwords Campaign (3 month contract)

  • Full marketing message creative for ads

  • Demographic targeting

  • Access to Google Analytics

  • Price excludes GST and Google Adwords Charges

  • Google Adwords charges are set at a level comfortable to your budget (Starting at $5 per day)



We get alot of calls for "Can you make some changes to my website?"

Usually that's because it's built on a platform that the average business manager has no hope to understand. (We can, but you probably can't)

That's why our client websites are built on WIX.


  • It's Quicker - That's better for you

  • It's Easier - So it's quicker

  • Hand Over - when it's finished, you have the direct access to make changes as and when you need to. Changes like times, prices, images, blog articles and so on. (Just don't stuff up our work)

You may have heard of WIX. It's one of those Do-It-Yourself website builders. DIY, if you know what you are doing.

The amount of people that have said, "I started building a WIX website, can you just fix it up for me." Little do they know what is required to fix it up.

Any business owner can take a template, change some copy and some images and pretend they have a website; but is it designed to attract, engage, and convert customers.

DIY website platforms are a trap for most.


Our hourly charge out rate is $100. That's cheap.

Most things we do are on a project guideline. A simple one scrolling website may be $550 to copy what you have, but adding our marketing lens to it (of course) for a far more appealing site that will attract and engage your audience.

Yet something more detailed with sales pages and downloads, email automation integration, social media setup and all the bells and whistles may be up to 5K. And of course there is everything in between. And beyond.

All of our website projects, big and small, are SEO ready and fully mobile optimized so they can be viewed simply on a phone. And of course they all include our Strategic Marketing Lens. 

Really, it all depends on what you are trying to do. Do you want a website 'business card' or do you want to attract, engage and convert visitors? 

Typiphy are experts in target audience messaging

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