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for Small Business owners

in the FREE workshop

Starting Today!

Attract Magnetic Leads on a Budget

How To Turn Your Business Into A Customer Generating Machine

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In this free online workshop, I’m teaching you:

     The #1 Strategy to attract buying customers.

     The Must-Have ingredients for your website.

     The Secret to take control of Google.

Stop wasting valuable marketing dollars on hit & miss advertising.

Attract and convert buying customers like you've got a giant magnet inside your business.

No more wasting money on Facebook advertising or Google Adwords that aren’t converting.


No more website visitors that aren’t becoming customers.


Just your limited marketing dollars producing real customers and real sales.

in the FREE workshop

Starting Today!

Who is this for?

A business who wants to attract more customers, and customers who are ready to buy.

Businesses that are spending money on Facebook and Google ads with little result.


Your business if you have limited cashflow to waste on hit & miss marketing that doesn’t work.


You, if you want to do that on a budget, do that within your budget, or even better, less.


I'm Rogan Carroll

Marketing Expert with

30+ Years Marketing Experience including 15 years of Specialist Digital Marketing.


You know what I’m really good at?

Marketing. I’ve spent years marketing products and services, both online and offline, way before there was digital marketing as we know it.


I really am entrepreneurial, very creative, and I know how to target an audience.

I love the creative and design part of being a marketer, but I also love the technical stuff too. Understanding all the intricacies of Google, reading analytics reports, working out new marketing platforms, segmenting markets to maximise facebook advertising and all those fun things. Fun you say. Maybe more rewardingly challenging than fun.


As a Libran I always said I’m well balanced, you know, having Scales as my star sign. But its uncanny that I have such a balanced brain too. Equal proportions of left and right brain – creative and logical.

I look forward to passing on the critical steps you need to attract and target a buying customer to your business - on a budget.

You Will Learn 


#1 Strategy to 

Attract Buying Customers


Must-Have ingredients for Your Website


The Secret to Take Control of Google

in the FREE workshop

Starting Today!

What People Say

Rogan knows his stuff. Decades of target marketing designed to attract buying customers. Nice!

Sam Price, Sydney

Attract Magnetic Leads on a Budget

How To Turn Your Business Into

A Customer Generating Machine

Starting Today!

in the FREE workshop

Presented by Typiphy Digital Marketing  ABN 99 601 914 498

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